Instantaneous Implantation

Instantaneous Implantation is the shortest possible treatment time and the opportunity to have all the teeth again.

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Multiple Dental Implantation

Multiple tooth loss is a long and unpleasant process that starts with inadequate dental care or various oral cavity diseases.

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Modern odontology provides the opportunity to permanently say “goodbye” to removable dentures and their troubles.

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For patients from abroad

For those who live abroad and plan to return to Lithuania for a short time, we offer high quality and fast dental services.

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Our services

Dental Treatment

Beautiful and healthy teeth are a comfort that allows us to smile freely. We will help you if you are not self-confident and not happy with your smile because of inadequate dental care or genetics.

Removal of the teeth

The extraction of each tooth at the Vilnius Odontology Center is performed accurately, professionally and without discomfort to the patient.

Dental Treatment for Children

The first visit to a dentist is recommended for children of 2-3 years old, followed by a preventive visit at least once every six months.

Professional Oral Hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is a key tool to prevent teeth against dental decay and periodontal disease.

Dental Implants

Losing one, several or all of your teeth severely affects the quality of life. However, modern Odontology has a solution – teeth restoration with implants.


If you lose one, several or all of your teeth it is difficult to chew food, and thus disrupts the digestive system, you start to shame smiling, social skills and pronunciation of speech are deteriorating.


Those who have lost all or almost all of their teeth due to periodontitis or accident, are offered to be restored them with just four implants.


Endodontics is a treatment or retreatment of root canals. Such treatment may be necessary if inflammation occurs in the root canal of the tooth causing acute pain, tooth sensitivity and other unpleasant sensations.


Periodontology is a treatment of periodontal disease. Soft and hard plaque (dental stones), formed on the teeth, are rich in microorganisms.

Retreatment of the canals

The Vilnius Odontology Center uses the Leica M320 F12 Dental Microscope for canals recovery. Leica microscopes are among the world`s leading microscopes.

Teeth Whitening

The specialists of the Vilnius Odontology Center recommend Laser Teeth Whitening procedure or Whitening with trays for patients seeking a perfect smile.

Aesthetic Prosthetics

Aesthetic Prosthetics are usually performed in the area of the front teeth.

Facial Aesthetics

Everyone wants to stop time and never grow old, especially our skin. However, this is an unstoppable process that occurs to some of us earlier or later to others. However, as the world develops, modern medicine is also developing and it may already offer to slow down time. Get your skin elasticity, don`t let it be vulnerable and affected by age!

3D Tomography

3D Tomography is one of the most innovative and accurate methods used in Odontology.

Digital Smile Design

Sometimes, when you look one way, it`s hard to imagine that you may look different.


One of the most unpleasant dental procedures for most patients is the removal of dental impressions. Please be advised that the intelligent oral cavity scanning with the intraoral scanner is performed at the Vilnius Odontology Center

Laser Procedures

Laser replaces the quality of treatment and patient comfort during the procedures. Shorter visits to the dentist, faster healing without complications and threads, no bleeding during procedures, less pain, less anesthetics.

For Patients from abroad

We offer for patients who came back from abroad and want to fix their teeth in our Center

Our services


Professional Oral Hygiene are procedures performed in the oral cavity, removal of dental plaque and scale, application of therapeutic (fluorine, etc.) preparations, teeth and seal surface polishing. Good oral hygiene and proper dental care are the way to a healthy smile. The simplest oral hygiene procedures help prevent dental decay, maintain a healthy gums, and allow you to enjoy your teeth for much longer.

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Dental care during orthodontic treatment

Parents often ask if orthodontic treatment (braces, plates or other orthodontics devices) can damage teeth?…

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Is your Child afraid of a Dentist?

The vast majority of minor patients are afraid to visit a dentist. Although dental services…

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Why is it necessary to restore a missing tooth?

People do not consider the loss of one or more teeth a big problem unless…

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