Vilnius Odontology Center – FOR EVERYONE!

In January 2016 in the capital, a modern odontology center was opened where all modern dental services are provided – from teeth whitening to the highest quality aesthetic prosthetics and complex implantation surgeries.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality innovative dental services by restoring full-fledged chewing function and smile and facial aesthetics, as well as dealing with oral health problems basically with the help of a professional team, the latest equipment and technologies, the most advanced treatment method. The center uses the latest technologies to make a treatment plan only after a highly accurate diagnosis. The knowledge of specialists is also important, not less than technologies, therefore, there is the specialists Case Conference for more complicated situations at the Vilnius Odontology Center. According to the staff of the Vilnius Odontology Center, the patient must always feel respect, attention and sensitivity from the doctor. Our main goal is a healthy, beautiful, broad smile that gives patients confidence.

Vision and Value

The vision of the Vilnius Odontology Center is to improve and go hand in hand with global dental innovations and trends, to continue to maintain uncompromising demanding quality, to wrap the patient with sincere attention and to see more and more happy smiling patients after treatment.