Lior Nachmaney

Oral Surgeon

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Lior Nachmaney


  • Scientific Degree: Oral Surgery Specialist (Oral Surgeon)
  • 2013 Completed Professional Qualification Courses “Medproject”: “Instantaneous Closed Upper Jaw Sinus Bottom Lift”, “Osteoplasty during Periodontal and (or) Implantation surgeries”, “Alveolar Ramification Bone Augmentation”, “Gum Plasty”, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Internship at H.Galinausko individual enterprise, Klaipėda
  • Kaunas University of Medicine. Doctor`s Scientific Degree in Dentistry.

Certificates / Courses

  • Current Issues in Periodontology (Vilnius, 2013)
  • BOA Fourth International Congress (Kaunas, 2012)
  • Annual Extensive course of Dental Implantation; Practical and theoretical course, 200 val, ( Tel Aviv University, Izraelis, 2012) Tilted, Short and Narrow implants vs. Sinus floor elevation or alveolar ridge augmentation; AB Superior Implant Technology ( Kaunas, 2012) Atlas – Narrow Implants for Immidiate Prosthetics (Dentatus USA, TelAviv, Israel)
  • Certificate in Nitrous Oxide Sedation – (2009, “Porter – USA” , IDS , Israel)
  • Minor Oral Surgery; International Dental Studies ( Izraelis, 2010)
  • Qualification in Rotatory Endodontic Instrumentation (Protaper, Maillefer), (Izraelis, 2009)
  • Introduction to Techniques to Oral implantology, Alpha – Bio Tec’s Institute for Advanced Dental Education. ( Izraelis, 2009)
  • Intensive Course in Orhodontics, IDS Postgraduate Instruction. ( Izraelis, 2009 – 2010)
  • STRAUMANN – Advanced Course for Dentists 2016.08.24-26 (Basel, Šveicarija)
  • NEODENT INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 2016.06.16-18 (Curitiba, Brazilija)
  • International Conference SENAME
  • MegaGen Baltic Symposium (2015.05.16-17 ,Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • MegaGen New York symposium (2015.05.02, Niujorkas, JAV)
  • “Function. Practical Use of Facial Arch and Articulator” (Kaunas, March 15, 2014)
  • “Current Issues in Oral and Facial Pathology” (Trakai, December 5, 2014)
  • Registered in the Lithuanian Dental Chamber – To perform the following regulated procedures: “Instantaneous Closed Upper Jaw Sinus Bottom Lift”, “Osteoplasty during Periodontal and (or) Implantation Surgeries”, “Gum Plasty”, “Augmentation of Alveolar Ramification Bone” (Medproject, Kaunas, 2013)

About me

The dentist performs a wide range of surgeries: simple of them are tooth extraction and gum plastic surgery, and large-scale complex surgeries are implantation, lip reposition, and more. Surgeries are performed using local anesthesia.
Lior has a lot of work experience. He worked in a private clinic MACCABIDENT in Tel Aviv, Israel and a private clinic at LiorDent Bat Yam, Israel in 2009-2012, and took the position of Surgeon and Prosthetist in private clinics in Kaunas and Vilnius in 2012. He teaches Facial and Jaw Surgery at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences since 2015.