Margarita Musteikytė

Doctor orthodontist



Margarita Musteikytė


  • 2002–2007 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry, Professional Qualification of Dentist
  • 2008–2011 Postgraduate Studies at Vilnius University Žalgiris Clinic. Secondary Residency


  • S.Velo. Treatment of orthodontic anomalies without the need for patient cooperation, Vilnius, 2008
  • Topicalities in dentistry, Kaunas, 2009
  • E.K.Basdra. Approach to Orthodontics: from Classical Mechanics to Molecular Biomechanics and outside, 2009
  • S.E.Menzel. Functional Orthodontics with DAMON system. Look at the treatment of patients with impaired function, Vilnius, 2009
  • G.Kobs. Function and Occlusion in Daily Dentist and Dental Technician Work, Vilnius, 2009
  • TOMAS® new concepts for non-compliance treatment in Contemporary Orthodontics, hands-on exercises, Vilnius, 2009
  • 1st Baltic Sea Conference in Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics, Vilnius, 2009
  • L.Bjorn. Clinical Peculiarities of Adult Orthodontic Treatment, Kaunas, 2009
  • S.Braumgartel. Use of Micro Screws in Orthodontic Clinical Practice, Kaunas, 2009
  • A.Bagden. Passive self-ligation, low force, low friction Orthodontics, Vector TAS and Insignia introduction course, Vilnius, 2010
  • G.Kobs. Planning for Complex Cases of Patients, Vilnius, 2010
  • G.Kobs. Practical Realization of Occlusion Concepts by Sealing the Lateral Group of Teeth, Vilnius, 2010
  • H.J.Trevisi, F.Bergstrand. MBT Treatment Philosophy, Vilnius, 2010
  • M.Corn. Orthodontic Wire Folding Technique, Birstonas, 2010
  • R.G.Alexander. Time-tested Biomechanics of Orthodontic Treatment, Vilnius, 2010
  • P.Ilori. Clinic operating under Modern Marketing Laws, Vilnius, 2011
  • Issues relevant to Ergonomics in Dentistry, Vilnius, 2011
  • M.Cozzani. Angle Class II and Completion of Treatment with Belligatures Braces, Kaunas, 2011
  • Scientific Practical Conference of the Dental Ergonomics Society, 2012
  • Modern Dentistry. VU MF OI Scientific and Practical Conference, 2012
  • P.Manzo. Angle II Clinic Treatment: From Functional Machines to Beligatural Brackets, 2012
  • A. Puišys, E.Zaščiurinskienė, G.Kobs, S.Schunke. Treatment of Gum Recessions and Wedge Defects in the point of view of Orthodontist, Periodontologist, Orthopedist and Dental Technician. November 29-30, 2013, Vilnius

Kursai užsienyje:

  • The 85th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society, Helsinki, 2009;
  • Haranni Academie – DAMON DAYS, Herne, Germany, 2009;
  • L. Bjorn. Innovative concepts in modern orthodontics. Traben- Trarbach, Germany,2010;
  • 1st International 2D Lingual User Meeting, Paris, France, 2010;
  • 3rd FORESTADENT Symposium Paris, France, 2010;
  • S.Dibart, L.Montesani. Periodontally Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement, Riga, Latvia,2010;
  • R.G.W. Alexander. Symposio Internazionale Alexander Discipline, Rome, Italy, 2011;
  • 87th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society, istanbul, Turkey, 2012;
  • AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORTHODONTICS, 112th Annual Session; Hawaii, U.S.A., 2012;
  • Six Month Smiles – Short Term orthodontics courses, Philadelphia, U.S.A., 2012;
  • I.Dagmar. Ortodontinio gydymo pabaigimo tikslumas, Jūrmala, Latvija, 2012;
  • Inman Aligner application courses online, 2013;
  • V.Cacciafesta. I like to work with D2 lingual appliance, Milano, Italy, 2013.
  • L.Bjorn. Microimplant application in orthodontics. 2014 07 18-19, Traben Trarbach, Germany.
  • AAO Annual meeting, 2015 05 14-19, San Francisco, USA.
  • Annual WFO meeting, 2015 09 30, London, The UK.
  • Ch. CoachmanDigital Smile Design Concept Hands-on Course, 2015 11 20-22, Berlin, Germany.

About me

Constantly improves at the theoretical and practical seminars, courses and international conferences for dentists. Specializes in Orthodontic Treatment. She is also a member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.