How to avoid losing your choice in the supply and choose the right toothpaste?

Dentists say that in the absence of major problems, daily-use-paste is suitable. In other cases, it is advisable to consult with dentist to choose toothpaste and how long to use it.

For example, bleeding gums do not mean that the paste will help to prevent inflammation. Because gum problems can be caused by dental plaque and scale. So, first of all you should remove them – not the consequences, but the cause. Anti-inflammatory pastes should be avoided by those whose teeth are sensitive, unless gums are really bleeding. In this case, it is better to choose special pastes for sensitive teeth that can be used for longer. All other therapeutic pastes should be used for a maximum of 2 weeks. So, if you choose the paste against the inflammation for yourself, the dentists advise you to buy the weakest and more neutral paste, that does not contain many active ingredients, preferably with herbs.

Only those who have healthy teeth can use whitening pastes. Whitening pastes contain particles that mechanically rub the tooth pigment. Recently, whitening pastes are produced with a very mild effect. On the other hand, they may even contain peroxide, which not only bleaches teeth, but also gives them a shine. Small amounts of this material are not hazardous, but long-term use is not recommended. Those teeth, who want a greater whitening effect, can be cleaned first by another paste and then cleaned again with whitening paste. Paste whitens teeth, but the seals will remain of the same color. Therefore, consult with your dentist before whitening.

Although fluoride pastes are the best way to prevent tooth decay, they are not always suitable. Some dentists advise to use them only for those whose teeth are not yet severely damaged by decay. For others, it is best to choose a paste with minerals and vitamins. Fluoride pastes are also not suitable for dentures or implants, as higher fluorine concentrations can dissolve them. By the way, fluorine, when it enters the body, acts as a toxin, in other words, causing symptoms of poisoning. Of course, you can to swallow a lot of it. That`s why fluoride pastes are dangerous for toddlers who don`t know how to rinse their mouth well after brushing their teeth. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the fact that children have special fluorine-free pastes.

The dentists advise to change the paste often. Because we are used to their active substances.