Is your Child afraid of a Dentist?

The vast majority of minor patients are afraid to visit a dentist. Although dental services are modern, fear does not disappear. How to overcome this fear? What are the best methods for healthy child`s teeth?

Generally, parents bring their child to the dentist too late, usually with a painful tooth, so it is natural that the child does not want someone to touch his (her) painful tooth. The sooner you bring your child to the dentist, the easier it will be to get used to regular examination. During the first visits, the dentist will check the condition of the teeth, clean them and tell the minor patient about the care.

It is important not to take a child to a particular dentist simply because you are his (her) loyal customer. If your dentist supervises your teeth properly, it does not mean that it is right for your child. If you see that the relationship between the child and the dentist does not occur, the child`s fear is not decreasing, look for another specialist.

Don`t scare your child, talk well about teeth and dentists (call them nice words like a Tooth Fairy). Do not sing the praises of the doctor before child`s visiting the dentist – if he (she) gets pain, you risk that the child will stop trusting you on this.

Do not avoid to play doctor-patient role with children – treat toys, dolls, be patient. Let the child count your teeth, determine the diagnosis, brush the toys` teeth with the child together. This will help the child to relax.

Don`t buy sweets for your child saying that if he (she) don`t cry in a dentist`s chair, he (she) will receive a gift. This will encourage the child to be afraid of the dentist by making a presumption that the teeth checking will be painful and he (she) will cry. It is better to praise your child after the inspection for being brave and nice.

The Vilnius Odontology Center has a cabinet specially designed for youngsters, where they are met not only by a careful team of doctors who work with children, but also by a chair-dragon. The playful chair attracts the child`s eyes and makes him (her) more courageous to visit a dentist. Our specialists will check the child`s teeth, teach them how to care them.







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