In theory, every person has 32 permanent teeth. However, according to a survey conducted in our country, almost every second respondent indicated that he (she) had lost at least one tooth. Single teeth are often lost due to gum or periodontal disease, abrasion, as well as complications of various dental problems. In some cases, various accidents, such as sports injuries, are also the cause of tooth loss.

Many patients rush to restore a lost or severely injured front tooth, as this affects their appearance, but it is important to mention that everyone needs teeth – even those which are invisible when speaking or smiling. Even one lost tooth needs to be restored, as it will cause unpleasant changes:

  • It becomes more difficult to chew certain foods;
  • Whole teeth remaining in the mouth are directed to the emerging space;
  • Jaw bone in the missing tooth area begins to disappear;
  • Individuals avoid smiling or laughing widely because they fear that others will notice that there is no tooth in the mouth.


If the patient has an irreparably damaged tooth and it needs to be removed, or a serious tooth injury has occurred, a unique treatment – instantaneous implantation – can be applied. This method allows you to restore the tooth not only reliably but quickly – in just one day. Applying Instant Implant Treatment Method requires only two steps:

  •  During the same procedure – removal of a defective tooth + threading of the implant + inserting a temporary tooth crown;
  • After a while, when the implant took a root – attaching the firm and durable permanent tooth.


When a lost tooth is restored at the right time, it is possible to avoid inconvenience to the quality of life and complications of oral health that can endanger the remaining healthy teeth. This can be done by applying the method of Instantaneous Implantation Treatment.

Instantaneous Implantation is the shortest possible treatment time and the opportunity to have all the teeth again.

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