Dental Implants

Losing one, several or all of your teeth severely affects the quality of life. However, modern Odontology has a solution – teeth restoration with implants.

Dental implants are a great way to restore not only the lost tooth, but also its root.

Experienced doctors, using the most innovative solutions, can restore one, several or all teeth qualitatively, quickly and with minimal discomfort. During the surgical procedure, a small titanium screw (s) is (are) screwed into the jaw, on which the crown of one tooth and bridge of several teeth are fixed, the dentures of the entire jaw are removed or not removed.

Why should you trust the Dental Implants?

  • Helps you eat and chew easier
  • The implant will prevent permanent bone loss;
  • Natural image;
  • Protects other teeth;
  • Keeps your beautiful smile.


MegaGen dental implants are made of pure titanium, which is of the strongest grade – Class 4. In order to ensure the perfect quality of MegaGen products, the manufacturer carries out strictly controlled inspections.



Straumann has been the most popular dental implants in the world for many years. Exceptional attention to medical science, continuous technological development, Swiss quality, wide range and always flexible prices have made Straumann`s name today a quality standard for modern Implantology.


Straumann (SLActive ir Roxolid)

ROXOLID is a new generation material specially designed for dental implants. This titanium and zirconium fusion is stronger than pure titanium and has excellent osteointegration. Straumann SLActive is hydrophilic, chemically active, its unique surface shortens the healing time, accelerates the bone formation and reduces the risk of early implant loss. Integration starts in 8 minutes and secondary stability is ensured in 2 weeks.