Removal of the teeth

In some cases, one or more teeth need to be removed to prevent the risk of oral cavity health. Then the atraumatic tooth removal is performed – a procedure to remove poor quality tooth. Removal of the tooth is needed for a variety of reasons:

  • Severe decay damage when the tooth can no longer be restored;
  • Cracks and fractures;
  • Irregular dental occlusion;
  • Tissue diseases around the tooth;
  • When the tooth didn`t come through and can cause complications.


The extraction of each tooth at the Vilnius Odontology Center is performed accurately, professionally and without discomfort to the patient. The tooth is removed by anaesthesia and using special instruments and the procedure does not damage the surrounding jaw bone and gums. Types of the teeth removal are:

  • A simple permanent tooth removal is a procedure performed in the case of irreparable tooth damage or serious injuries when the tooth can no longer be restored with sealants.
  • Wisdom tooth removal is a procedure performed for preventive purposes. These teeth are often difficult to clean, so the surface accumulates plaque that can cause tooth decay, eventually breaking the adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth which came through irregularly can also cause inflammation and pain.
  • Removal of retinal tooth is a surgical removal of formed tooth which didn`t come through. Failure to follow this procedure can lead to serious complications – damage to the roots of adjacent teeth, inflammation, cysts.


The bone of the jaw is restored successfully and quickly after removal of the tooth, and then, if necessary, the implantation of the missing tooth or other restoration procedures can be planned.