Retreatment of the canals

Repeated endodontic treatment or retreatment of the canals is a procedure that successfully cures (cleans, seals the canals) the teeth that do not heal after endodontic treatment. These teeth usually remain sensitive, painful and cause discomfort even after a long period of time.

The Vilnius Odontology Center uses the Leica M320 F12 Dental Microscope for canals recovery. Leica microscopes are among the world`s leading microscopes.

Leica has developed a completely new system optimized for modern dentistry. This microscope is characterized by the quality of apochromatic optics, along with the most advanced LED lighting system and high definition imaging technologies. Flexible and easy to use, smooth positioning is a business card of this microscope, next to high technologies.

This microscope is hygienically safe because it is completely free of joints, so all handles can be washed and sterilized.