Intraoral Scanner

One of the most unpleasant dental procedures for most patients is the removal of dental impressions. Please be advised that the intelligent oral cavity scanning with the intraoral scanner is performed at the Vilnius Odontology Center, so the imprint materials are no longer used. It is a small device that allows to get a 3D image of the teeth quickly and accurately without causing the patient any unpleasant sensations. All information is immediately visible on the computer screen. Intraoral scanner is used in restorative dentistry, orthodontic treatment and dental implants planning.

Advantages of an Intraoral Scanner:

  • Highly accurate 3D image
  • Convenient management
  • Short procedure (up to 10 minutes)
  • No discomfort to the patient

Piezo Surgery (Ultrasound System for Bone Surgery)

PIEZOTOME is a piezoelectric ultrasonic system for pre-implantation works: osteotomy, osteoplasty, sinus lifting or bone restoration.
Compared to machine tools, the piezoelectric operating system provides much more safety and convenience in pre-implantation and periodontal surgery works. The incisions are made with great precision, no extra pressure is needed, and most importantly, soft tissues are not damaged. This significantly reduces post-surgery pain and ensures faster healing.

There are several power levels that are set in advance. They are chosen by the doctor depending on the instrument, the treatment method and the bone density.

Even during long and intensive operations, the tip:

  • does not overheat
  • does not lose power,
  • no side vibration.
  • Sterile liquid spray cools the tools. This does not damage the tissue and reduces the risk of necrosis.


Leica M320 F12 Dental Microscope

Leica has developed a completely new system optimized for modern dentistry. This microscope is characterized by the quality of apochromatic optics, along with the most advanced LED lighting system and high definition imaging technologies. Flexible and easy to use, smooth positioning is a business card of this microscope, next to high technologies.
This microscope is hygienically safe because it is completely free of joints, so all handles can be washed and sterilized.

Wiser laser

Less pain, faster treatment and healing are all thanks to the Wiser Laser used at the Vilnius Odontology Center. You may not need anaesthetics during dental services performed with it – it is especially useful in the treatment of children and patients who are afraid of pain. The laser is used in Periodontics, for surgeries, teeth whitening and therapy, in Endodontics.