Why should we choose Dental Implants?

Many people have to stay away and watch out for the passing life due to the missing teeth and free dentures. But today, through modern treatment plans, you can restore everything from the missing tooth to the tooth arch. Don`t miss another day and take the important step that will give you confidence and smile!

Why Dental Implants are a better choice?

  • The best solution after real teeth. All patients who have lost one or more teeth desire the same thing – have real teeth. However, sooner or later, starting to think about dentures, people are doubt on the decision – whether the prosthesis will not fall off at the wrong moment, or change the speech, or maybe the taste will change? Dental implants are the best option because the implants are screwed into the bone, so the patient looks and feels as if he (she) had real teeth without any risk of them falling easily. All this gives one thing – restores the quality of life.
  • Dental implants is approved treatment method. Dental implants are not a discovery. Although this area is constantly improving, it has been over 50 years since the first dental implant was threaded in. During this period, numerous studies have been carried out to show how dental implants can help – they are designed so that the shape and function of the root is similar to that of a real tooth.
  • Dental implants can serve for life. Dental implants become naturalized in the human bone like a tissue of the body, and thus grow naturally and firmly with it, which justifies long-term results of the treatment.
  • Dental implants maintain healthy teeth and bone. Although dental prostheses can fill the gaps that occur when the tooth is lost, they cannot help to preserve the bone. Dental implants are different – dental implants are screwed into the jaw, so they convey the chewing ability to the bone and protect the bone from melting. This helps to maintain the natural structure of the patient`s face, protecting it from the effects of premature aging, which patients particularly want to avoid.