The loss of most or all of your teeth can be due to years of inadequate dental care, complications of periodontal disease or various chronic diseases like Diabetes mellitus. Older people often face this problem. In this case, people rescue in a traditional way – removable dental prosthesis, but they have a lot of minuses:

  • Weak and moving in the oral cavity;
  • Feeling discomfort;
  • It`s hard to chew food and speak;
  • Dental and gum damages may occur;
  • The inconvenient use causes problems both at home and in public.


Modern odontology provides the opportunity to permanently say “goodbye” to removable dentures and their troubles. All missing teeth of one arch can be restored on just four implants. You can fully restore both the upper and lower arch teeth with this method. This treatment method, also known as “All-on-4”, has various advantages: there is practically no age or general health limitations, complicated bone augmentation procedures can be avoided, jaw bone loss is prevented. Dental restoration, using the “All-on-4” treatment methodology, only takes a few steps:

  • Drawing up a consultation and treatment plan. During the first visit, a detailed inspection is performed, a panoramic image of the oral cavity is made, the amount of jaw bone and other significant indicators are evaluated. The doctor prepares an individual treatment plan with the help of modern technologies and assigns the time of the visit.
  • Manufacture of dental prosthesis. With help of the revolutionary computer-aided design program, implant-mounted temporary or permanent teeth can be produced before the implantation procedure.
  • Implantation and dental fixation. During the implantation procedure, instead of the traditionally threaded 6 or 8 implants, the jaw bone is screwed with just 4. This number is enough for one jaw recovery. After the implant threading, during the same procedure, pre-made temporary denture is attached. In some cases, permanent, long-lasting teeth can be placed.


After dental restoration with implants, you can enjoy new teeth that look and function like own. It is easy to chew and speak freely, and finally self-confidence returns.


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